ExoMars 2016 separation 

On October 16, 2016 at 16:42, the separation between the lander Schiaparelli and the Trace Gas Orbiter of the ESAs ExoMars mission operated successfully.

Each module is now placed on its final trajectory that will see the orbiter be inserted into Mars orbit in the next few days while Schiaparelli is expected for landing on Wednesday afternoon (to follow live on est.int/exomars).

As a reminder: LATMOS and OVSQ are involved in both components of the mission, through the contribution of the Micro-ARES instrument, the first electric field sensor at Mars, on Schiaparelli as well as a scientific contribution to the ACS Infrared spectrometer on the orbiter TGO.

Note that the event will be broadcasted on twitter (@esa_operations, @ tom2k1).

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