IASI Infographie A5 v03 EN


The IASI instrument

The IASI instrument was designed by the Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales (CNES) to monitor the atmospheric state for weather prediction and climate/chemistry purposes. More specifically to measure accurate temperature and water vapour profiles, as well as the concentrations ...

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Monitoring of atmospheric composition with IASI

20190709 9petites terres mentionULB LATMOSThe radiance signal recorded by IASI is a composite of the initial longwave infrared emission (the Earth black body emission at the location of the measurement), modified for cloud free scenes by gaseous absorption and emission processes along the path. When a cloud is present in ...

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Access to Data

20190522 O3

Ozone (O3)

20190522 CO

Carbon monoxide (CO)

20190522 SO2

Sulfur dioxide (SO2)

20190522 NH3

Ammonia (NH3)




IASI publications are available on the CNES website at: