Séminaire de Babatunde Rabiu au LATMOS (Amphithéâtre Gérard Mégie, Guyancourt), jeudi 12 février 2015, 13h30

Orateur: Pr. Babatunde Rabiu (CAR, NASRDA, Space Physics Laboratory, Federal University of Technology, Nigeria)

Titre: Activities of the Nigerian Centre for Atmospheric Research

Abstract: The paper reviewed some of the existing projects at the Centre for Atmospheric Research of Nigeria. The research thrust of the Centre cover from the ocean floor through the troposphere to the ionosphere and terminate at the Centre of the Sun. Aside other research activities, the Centre maintain a distributed network of 18 ground stations monitoring atmospheric parameters, and connected at near real-time, in a network known as Tropospheric Data Acquisition Network TRODAN. The parameters being measured routinely include: Maximum and minimum Temperature, solar radiation, wind speed etc. Our Centre in collaboration with the Telecommunication Systems Lab of the Swedish KTH Royal Institute of Technology is incorporating Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) alongside existing TRODAN Automatic Weather Stations in Nigeria. We pioneered air quality research in West African sub region in collaboration with the US National Centre for Atmospheric Research NCAR. Our yearly workshop on air quality measurement is scheduled for June 2015. NOx gasses and Ozone are being monitored via our facility and we intend to multiply these facilities over Nigeria and Africa with time. Our scientists are involved in advanced research using observational atmospheric data and modeling. Typical research topics being pursued at our Centre shall be mentioned. Local instrumentation of the measuring instruments is also being developed. Our scientists are developing a one-stop web portal for data sharing. The TRODAN data is being shared on the African Science Grid gateway - https://sgw.africa-grid.org/trodan-data-repository . We are open to collaboration on training, data sharing and equipment deployment.