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Le Gall,Alice

Alice Le Gall
Membre du département ester, impec

Bureau: Guy-B2139
Tél : 0180285235
Bureau: Jus-313
Tél : 0144272163

Publications au LATMOS depuis sa création (2009)

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Articles dans des revues avec comité de lecture


Iapetus' near surface thermal emission modeled and constrained using Cassini RADAR Radiometer microwave observations
Le Gall A., Leyrat C., Janssen M.A., Keihm S., Wye L.C., West R., Lorenz R.D., Tosi F.
Icarus 241 (2014) 221-238 - hal-01025888 -

Transient features in a Titan sea
Hofgartner J.D., Hayes A.G., Lunine J.I., Zebker H., Stiles B.W., Sotin C., Barnes J.W., Turtle E.P., Baines K.H., Brown R.H. et al
Nature geoscience 7 (2014) 493-496 - hal-01025848 -

Surface of Ligeia Mare, Titan, from Cassini altimeter and radiometer analysis
Zebker H., Hayes A., Janssen M., Le Gall A., Lorenz R., Wye L.
Geophysical Research Letters 41, 2 (2014) 308-313 - hal-00926152 -

Global mapping and characterization of Titan's dune fields with Cassini: correlation between RADAR and VIMS observations
Rodriguez S., Garcia A., Lucas A., Appéré T., Le Gall A., Reffet E., Le Corre L., Le Mouélic S., Cornet T., Courrech Du Pont S. et al
Icarus 230 (2014) 168-179 - hal-00911014 -

Modeling microwave backscatter and thermal emission from linear dune fields: Application to Titan
Le Gall A., Janssen M.A., Kirk R.L., Lorenz R.D.
Icarus 230 (2014) 198-207 - hal-00843554 -

Modeling the SAR backscatter of linear dunes on Earth and Titan
Paillou P., Bernard D., Radebaugh J., Lorenz R., Le Gall A., Farr T.
Icarus 230 (2014) 208-214 - hal-00992834 -


Cryovolcanism on Titan: New results from Cassini RADAR and VIMS
Lopes R.M.C., Kirk R.L., Mitchell K.L., Le Gall A., Barnes J.W., Hayes A., Kargel J., Wye L., Radebaugh J., Stofan E.R. et al
Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets 118, 3 (2013) 416-435 - hal-00807740 -

Summary of the Third International Planetary Dunes Workshop: Remote Sensing and Image Analysis of Planetary Dunes, Flagstaff, Arizona, USA, June 12-15, 2012
Fenton L. K., Hayward R. K., Horgan B. H. N., Rubin D. M., Titus T. N., Bishop M. A., Burr D. M., Chojnacki M., Dinwiddie C. L., Kerber L. et al
Aeolian Research 8 (2013) 29-38 - hal-00768669 -


Latitudinal and altitudinal controls of Titan's dune field morphometry
Le Gall A., Hayes A.G., Ewing R., Janssen M.A., Radebaugh J., Savage C., Encrenaz P., Cassini Radar Team T.
Icarus 217, 1 (2012) 231-242 - hal-00655326 -

Communications avec actes


The Case of Titan's Mysterious New Island: Analysis of Anomalously Bright Features Observed in the Cassini T92 SAR Pass Over Titan's Ligeia Mare
Hofgartner J.D., Hayes A.G., Lunine J.I., Zebker H., Stiles B., Sotin C., Barnes J.W., Brown B.H., Encrenaz P., Kirk R.D. et al
Dans 45th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, the Woodlands, Texas : États-Unis (2014) - hal-00951698 -


Coexistence of Dunes and Humid Conditions at Titan's Tropics
Radebaugh J., Lorenz R.D., Lunine J.I., Kirk R.L., Ori G.G., Farr T.G., Malaska M., Le Gall A., Liu Z.Y.C., Encrenaz P.J. et al
Dans AAS, DPS Meeting, Reno : États-Unis (2012) - hal-00832597 -



Numerical simulations of PP-SESAME/Philae/ROSETTA operations during the Descent Phase and at the surface of the Churyumov-Gerasimenko nucleus
Lethuillier A., Hamelin M., Le Gall A., Caujolle-Bert S., Schmidt W., Grard R.
EGU General Assembly 2014, Vienna : Autriche (2014) - hal-01026119 - (Communications sans actes)


Thermal anomaly in Enceladus' South Pole subsurface
Le Gall A., Leyrat C., Janssen M.A., Stolzenbach A., West R., Lorenz R.D., Mitchell K., Ries P.
European Planetary Science Congress 2013, London : Royaume-Uni (2013) - hal-00922928 - (Communications sans actes)

Laboratory calibrations of the PP-SESAME instrument on Philae for measuring the cometary surface permittivity. (poster)
Hamelin M., Le Gall A., Caujolle-Bert S., Schmidt W., Grard R., Laasko H., Ciarletti V., Seidensticker K.
European Planetary Science Congress 2013, London : Royaume-Uni (2013) - hal-00922926 - (Communications sans actes)


Cassini microwave radiometry observations of Enceladus' South Pole: Detection of a warm subsurface?
Le Gall A., Leyrat C., Janssen M. A., Stolzenbach A., Wye L. C., West R. D., Lorenz R. D., Mitchell K. L.
AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco : États-Unis (2012) - hal-00768858 - (Communications sans actes)

Observation of the seasonal thermal wave on Iapetus
Le Gall A., Keihm S., Janssen M.A., Leyrat C., Wye L.C., West R.
EPSC 2012 (European Planetary Science Congress), Madrid : Espagne (2012) - hal-00768832 - (Communications sans actes)

The NetStation GPR: A Tool for Conducting Lander-Based 3-D Investigations of Martian Subsurface Structure, Stratigraphy, and Volatile Distribution
Ciarletti V., Clifford S.M., Plettemeier D., Le Gall A., Biancheri-Astier M.
Concepts and Approaches for Mars Exploration, Houston : États-Unis (2012) - hal-00721205 - (Communications sans actes)

Titan's Dunes by the Numbers
Le Gall A., Rodriguez S., Garcia A., Radebaugh J., Lorenz R.D., Lopes R.M.C., Hayes A., Reflet E.
Third International Planetary Dunes Workshop, Flagstaff : États-Unis (2012) - hal-00768921 - (Communications sans actes)

Microwave thermal emission from Iapetus' dark terrains. (poster)
Le Gall A., Keihm S., Janssen M.A., Wye L.C., Lorenz R.D., West R.
EGU General Assembly 2012, Vienna : Autriche (2012) - hal-00768940 - (Communications sans actes)


Iapetus as seen by the Cassini microwave radiometer. (poster)
Le Gall A., Keihm S., Janssen M.A., Wye L.C., Lorenz R.D., West R.
American Geophysical Union, Fall Meeting 2011, San Francisco : États-Unis (2011) - hal-00768946 - (Communications sans actes)

How altitude and latitude control dune morphometry on Titan
Le Gall A., Hayes A.H., Ewing R., Janssen M.A., Radebaugh J., Savage C., Encrenaz P.
EPSC-DPS Joint Meeting 2011, Nantes : France (2011) - hal-00768833 - (Communications sans actes)

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