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Elena Seran
Membre du département heppi, shti

Bureau: Jus-402
Tél : 0144274467

Publications au LATMOS depuis sa création (2009)

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Articles dans des revues avec comité de lecture


Variations of electric field and electric resistivity of air caused by dust motion
Seran E., Godefroy M., Renno N., Elliott H.
Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics 118, 8 (2013) 5358-5368 - hal-00849897 -

CHASER: An Innovative Satellite Mission Concept to Measure the Effects of Aerosols on Clouds and Climate
Rennó N. O., Williams E., Rosenfeld D., Fischer D. G., Fischer J., Kremic T., Agrawal A., Andreae M. O., Bierbaum R., Blakeslee R. et al
bulletin of the american meteorological Society 94, 5 (2013) 685-694 - hal-00785611 -


Birth and life of auroral arcs embedded in the evening auroral oval convection: A critical comparison of observations with theory
Haerendel G., Frey H.U., Chaston C.C., Amm O., Juusola L., Nakamura R., Seran E., Weygand J.M.
Journal of Geophysical Research 117, A12 (2012) A12220 - hal-00776086 -


An overview of the HIBISCUS campaign
Pommereau J.-P., Garnier A., Held G., Gomes A.M., Goutail F., Durry G., Borchi F., Hauchecorne A., Montoux N., Cocquerez P. et al
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 11, 5 (2011) 2309-2339 - hal-00577021 -


Small and meso-scale properties of a substorm onset auroral arc
Frey H.U., Amm O., Chaston C.C., Fu S., Haerendel G., Juusola L., Karlsson T., Lanchester B., Nakamura R., Ostgaard N. et al
Journal of Geophysical Research 115 (2010) A10209 - hal-00666355 -


Synoptic distribution of dayside aurora: Multiple-wavelength all-sky observation at Yellow River Station in Ny-Ålesund, Svalbard
Hu Z.-J., Yang H., Huang D., Araki T., Sato N., Taguchi M., Seran E., Hu H., Liu R., Zhang B. et al
Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics 71, 8-9 (2009) 794-804 - hal-00429171 -

What can we learn from HF signal scattered from a discrete arc?
Seran E., Godefroy M., Kauristie K., Cerisier J.-C., Berthelier J.-J., Lester M., Sarri L.-E.
Annales Geophysicae 27, 5 (2009) 1887-1896 - hal-00381198 -



EF-ATLEC multi-instruments gondola. (poster)
Godefroy M., Seran E.
13th International Symposium on Equatorial Aeronomy, Paracas : Pérou (2012) - hal-00679469 - (Communications sans actes)

Response of thermal and supra-thermal ionospheric plasma to energy input from magnetosphere and atmosphere during magnetospheric and thunder-storms: Demeter observations. (poster)
Seran E., Godefroy M.
13th International Symposium on Equatorial Aeronomy, Paracas : Pérou (2012) - hal-00679454 - (Communications sans actes)

Lunar Dust Lifting Experiment (LDLE) for the ESA Lunar Lander (poster)
Seran E., Godefroy M., Renno N., Meslin P.-Y., Kremic T.
Scientific Preparations for Lunar Exploration, ESA/ESTEC, Noordwijk : Pays-Bas (2012) - hal-00682604 - (Communications sans actes)

From ionosphere to dust, from micro-satellite to lander, scientific and technical approach
Seran E., Godefroy M.
NASA/GRC Innovation Forum, Cleveland : États-Unis (2012) - hal-00669154 - (Conférences invitées)


EF-ATLEC of COBRAT/TARANIS project: electric measurements and 3D imaging of stratospheric/tropospheric discharges
Seran E., Godefroy M.
Transient Lightning Events/Transient Gamma Flash Workshop, Amsterdam : Pays-Bas (2010) - hal-00668997 - (Communications sans actes)

What are the forces that control the motion of auroral arcs?
Seran E.
ISSI International Team on "Auroral Small-and Meso-Scale Structures, Origin and Function", Bern : Suisse (2010) - hal-00669160 - (Communications sans actes)

LDLEGO: electric measurements in the auroral stratosphere during magnetospheric storms
Seran E., Godefroy M.
Coupling of Atmosphere Regions with Near Earth Space (CARNES), 2nd Group Meeting, Bern : Suisse (2010) - hal-00669007 - (Communications sans actes)

Lunar Dust Lifting Experiment (LDLE) for the ESA Lunar Lander
Seran E., Godefroy M., Renno N., Block B.
Lunar Dust, Plasma and Atmosphere: the next steps, Boulder : États-Unis (2010) - hal-00669012 - (Communications sans actes)

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