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Jean-François Mariscal
Membre du département mecatop

Bureau: Guy-B1210
Tél : 0180285178

Publications au LATMOS depuis sa création (2009)

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Articles dans des revues avec comité de lecture


Optical subsystems calibration and derived radiometric instrument response of the PHEBUS spectrometer on board of the BepiColombo Mission
Zuppella P., Corso A.J., Polito V., Mariscal J.-F., Rouanet N., Maria J.-L., Nicolosi P., Quémerais E., Pelizzo M.G.
Journal of Instrumentation 7, 10 (2012) P10023 (14p.) - hal-00750714 -

Optical performance of PHEBUS/EUV detector onboard BepiColombo
Yoshioka K., Murakami G., Yoshikawa I., Maria J.-L., Mariscal J.-F., Rouanet N., Mine P.-O., Quémerais E.
Advances in Space Research 49, 8 (2012) 1265-1270 - hal-00677996 -

Communications avec actes


Extreme and near ultraviolet experimental facility for calibration of space instrumentation
Corso A.J., Polito V., Zuppella P., Zuccon S., Nardello M., Nicolosi P., Maria J.-L., Mariscal J.-F., Quémerais E., Pelizzo M.G.
Dans Proceeding SPIE 8861, Optics for EUV, X-Ray, and Gamma-Ray Astronomy VI, San Diego : États-Unis (2013) - hal-00909807 -


Radiometric calibration of PHEBUS: model and results. (poster)
Zuppella P., Corso A.J., Nicolosi P., Pelizzo M.G., Polito V., Quémerais E., Maria J.-L., Mariscal J.-F., Rouanet N.
Dans Proceedings SPIE 8443, Space Telescopes and Instrumentation 2012: Ultraviolet to Gamma Ray, Amsterdam : Pays-Bas (2012) - hal-00773182 -


Optical subsystem characterization in laboratory
Nicolosi P., Zuppella P., Corso A.J., Polito V., Pelizzo M.G., Mariscal J.-F., Rouanet N., Mine P.-O., Quémerais E., Maria J.-L.
Dans EUV and X-Ray Optics: Synergy between Laboratory and Space II, Proc. SPIE 8076, Prague : Tchèque, République (2011) - hal-00608558 -


Probing of Hermean Exosphere by Ultraviolet Spectroscopy: instrument presentation, calibration philosophy and first lights results
Mariscal J.-F., Rouanet N., Maria J.-L., Quémerais E., Mine P.-O., Zuppella P., Suman M., Nicolosi P., Pelizzo M.G., Yoshikawa I. et al
Dans ICSO 2010 International Conference on Space Optics, 4 - 8 October 2010, Rhodes : Grèce (2010) - hal-00625118 -

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