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Jean-Jacques Berthelier
Membre du département impec, shti, heppi

Bureau: StM-C110
Tél : 0144279242
Bureau: Jus-409
Tél : 0144273753

Publications au LATMOS depuis sa création (2009)

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Articles dans des revues avec comité de lecture


Earth Magnetic Field Effects on Particle Sensors on LEO Satellites
Rehman S.U., Marchand R., Berthelier J.-J., Onishi T., Burchill J.
IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science 41, 12 (2013) 3402 - 3409 - hal-00937756 -

Multi-scale simulation of electron emission from a triode-type electron source with a carbon-nanotube column array cathode
Becker J., Tuan Hong N., Berthelier J.-J., Leblanc F., Lee S., Cipriani F.
Nanotechnology 24, 46 (2013) 465303 - hal-00878368 -

ROSINA/DFMS capabilities to measure isotopic ratios in water at comet 67 P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko
Hässig M., Altwegg K., Balsiger H., Berthelier J.-J., Calmonte U., Combi M., De Keyser J., Fiethe B., Fuselier S.A., Rubin M.
Planetary and Space Science 84 (2013) 148-152 - hal-00828963 -

Mercury exosphere. III: Energetic characterization of its sodium component
Leblanc F., Chaufray J.-Y., Doressoundiram A., Berthelier J.-J., Mangano V., López Ariste A., Borin P.
Icarus 223, 2 (2013) 963-974 - hal-00730353 -


A hemispherical retarding field energy analyzer to characterize spatially and angularly extended electron beams
Cipriani F., Leblanc F., Illiano J.-M., Berthelier J.-J.
European Physical Journal: Applied Physics 60, 2 (2012) 21002 (7 p.) - hal-00755995 -

AKR-like emissions observed at low altitude by the DEMETER satellite
Parrot M., Berthelier J.-J.
Journal of Geophysical Research 117 (2012) A10314 - hal-00730813 -

Very-low-frequency saucers observed on DEMETER
James H. G., Parrot M., Berthelier J.-J.
Journal of Geophysical Research 117 (2012) A09309, (11 PP.) - hal-00723429 -

Concentration of ions in the topside ionosphere as measured onboard the DEMETER satellite: Morphology and dependence on solar and geomagnetic activity
Gladyshev V.A., Shchekotov A. Y., Yagova N.V., Berthelier J.-J., Parrot M., Akent'eva O.S., Baranskii L.N., Fedorov E.N., Mulyarchik T.M., Molchanov O.A.
Cosmic Research 50, 2 (2012) 103-115 - hal-00693328 -

Using Schumann Resonance Measurements for Constraining the Water Abundance on the Giant Planets-Implications for the Solar System's Formation
Simões F., Pfaff R., Hamelin M., Klenzing J., Freudenreich H., Béghin C., Berthelier J.-J., Bromund K., Grard R., Lebreton J.-P. et al
The Astrophysical Journal 750, 1 (2012) 85 - hal-00692138 -

Analytic theory of Titan's Schumann resonance: Constraints on ionospheric conductivity and buried water ocean
Béghin C., Randriamboarison O., Hamelin M., Karkoschka E., Sotin C., Whitten R. C., Berthelier J.-J., Grard R., Simões F.
Icarus 218, 2 (2012) 1028-1042 - hal-00670943 -

A Review of Low Frequency Electromagnetic Wave Phenomena Related to Tropospheric-Ionospheric Coupling Mechanisms
Simões F., Pfaff R., Berthelier J.-J., Klenzing J.
Space Science Reviews 168, 1-4 (2012) 551-593 - hal-00655015 -

The 2010 European Venus Explorer (EVE) mission proposal
Wilson C. F., Chassefière E., Hinglais E., Baines K. H., Balint T. S., Berthelier J.-J., Blamont J., Durry G., Ferencz C. S., Grimm R. E. et al
Experimental Astronomy 33, 2-3 (2012) 305-335 (IF 2,140) - hal-00628165 -

In situ mass spectrometry during the Lutetia flyby
Altwegg K., Balsiger H., Calmonte U., Hässig M., Hofer L., Jäckel A., Schläppi B., Wurz P., Berthelier J.-J., De Keyser J. et al
Planetary and Space Science 66, 1 (2012) 173-178 - hal-00623340 -


Truncated VLF Saucers Observed by the Low Altitude Satellite DEMETER
Parrot M., Berthelier J.-J., Brochot J.-Y.
IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science 39, 11 (2011) 2702-2703 - hal-00652593 -

The DEMETER mission, recent investigations on ionospheric effects associated with man-made activities and seismic phenomena
Onishi T., Parrot M., Berthelier J.-J.
Comptes Rendus Physique 12, 2 (2011) 160-170 - hal-00585196 -

Comment on "An analysis of VLF electric field spectra measured in Titan's atmosphere by the Huygens probe" by J. A. Morente et al.
Grard R., Berthelin S., Beghin C., Hamelin M., Berthelier J.-J., Lopez-Moreno J.J., Simoes F.
Journal of Geophysical Research E: Planets 116 (2011) E05005 - hal-00581649 -

Critical analysis of the electrostatic turbulence enhancements observed by DEMETER over the Sichuan region during the earthquake preparation
Onishi T., Berthelier J.-J., Kamogawa M.
Natural Hazards and Earth System Science 11, 2 (2011) 561-570 - hal-00579602 -

DEMETER observations of the ionospheric trough over HAARP in relation to HF heating experiments
Piddyachiy D., Bell T.F., Berthelier J.-J., Inan U.S., Parrot M.
Journal of Geophysical Research A: Space Physics 116 (2011) A06304 - hal-00578970 -

An overview of the HIBISCUS campaign
Pommereau J.-P., Garnier A., Held G., Gomes A.M., Goutail F., Durry G., Borchi F., Hauchecorne A., Montoux N., Cocquerez P. et al
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 11, 5 (2011) 2309-2339 - hal-00577021 -


Contrasting the efficiency of radiation belt losses caused by ducted and nonducted whistler-mode waves from ground-based transmitters
Rodger C.J., Carson B.R., Cummer S.A., Gamble R.J., Clilverd M.A., Green J.C., Sauvaud J.-A., Parrot M., Berthelier J.-J.
Journal of Geophysical Research A: Space Physics 115 (2010) A12208 - hal-00543043 -

Influence of spacecraft outgassing on the exploration of tenuous atmospheres with in situ mass spectrometry
Schlappi B., Altwegg K., Balsiger H., Hassig M., Jackel A., Wurz P., Fiethe B., Rubin M., Fuselier S.A., Berthelier J.-J. et al
Journal of Geophysical Research A: Space Physics 115 (2010) A12313 - hal-00511719 -

Correction to 'Radiation belt electron precipitation into the atmosphere: recovery from a geomagnetic storm'
Rodger C. J., Clilverd M. A., Thomson N. R., Gamble R. J., Seppala A., Turunen E., Meredith N.P., Parrot M., Sauvaud J.-A., Berthelier J.-J.
Journal of Geophysical Research A: Space Physics 115 (2010) A09324 - hal-00510813 -

Ionosphere variations at 700 km altitude observed by the DEMETER satellite during the 29 March 2006 solar eclipse
Wang X., Berthelier J.-J., Lebreton J.P.
Journal of Geophysical Research A: Space Physics 115 (2010) A11312 - hal-00510808 -

Sheath effects on DEMETER ion drift measurements
Marchand R., Knutson N., Berthelier J.-J.
Planetary and Space Science 58, 10 (2010) 1365-1373 - hal-00502562 -

Physical characterization of molybdenum microtips field emitter arrays
Cipriani F., Leblanc F., Illiano J.-M., Berthelier J.-J., Müller F.
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 43, 6 (2010) 065501 (12pp) - hal-00457126 -

An introduction to the SCOUT-AMMA stratospheric aircraft, balloons and sondes campaign in West Africa, August 2006: rationale and roadmap
Cairo F., Pommereau J.-P., Law K. S., Schlager H., Garnier A., Fierli F., Ern M., Streibel M., Arabas S., Borrmann S. et al
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 10, 5 (2010) 2237-2256 - hal-00420046 -

An unusual VLF signature structure recorded by the DEMETER satellite
Ferencz C., Lichtenberger J., Hamar D., Ferencz O. E., Steinbach P., Szekely B., Parrot M., Lefeuvre F., Berthelier J.-J., Clilverd M.
Journal of Geophysical Research A: Space Physics 115 (2010) A02210 - hal-00417631 -

DEMETER and DMSP satellite observations of the disturbed H+/O+ ratio caused by Earth's seismic activity in the Sumatra area during December 2004
Bankov L.G., Parrot M., Heelis R.A., Berthelier J.-J., Marinov P.G., Vassileva A.K.
Advances in Space Research 46, 4 (2010) 419-430 - hal-00415812 -


New insights on Titan's plasma-driven Schumann resonance inferred from Huygens and Cassini data
Béghin C., Canu P., Karkoschka E., Sotin C., Bertucci C., Kurth W.S., Berthelier J.-J., Grard R., Hamelin M., Schwingenschuh K. et al
Planetary and Space Science 57, 14-15 (2009) 1872-1888 - hal-00435842 -

On remote sensing of transient luminous events' parent lightning discharges by ELF/VLF wave measurements on board a satellite
Lefeuvre F., Marshall R., Pinçon J.L., Inan U.S., Lagoutte D., Parrot M., Berthelier J.-J.
Journal of Geophysical Research A: Space Physics 114 (2009) A09303 - hal-00416202 -

WN4 effect on longitudinal distribution of different ion species in the topside ionosphere at low latitudes by means of DEMETER, DMSP-F13 and DMSP-F15 data
Bankov L.G., Heelis R., Parrot M., Berthelier J.-J., Marinov P., Vassileva A.
Annales Geophysicae 27, 7 (2009) 2893-2902 - hal-00407574 -

Observation and modeling of the Earth-ionosphere cavity electromagnetic transverse resonance and variation of the D-region electron density near sunset
Simoes F., Berthelier J.-J., Godefroy M., Yahi S.
Geophysical Research Letters 36 (2009) L14816 - hal-00400119 -

First simultaneous observations of daytime MSTIDs over North America using GPS-TEC and DEMETER satellite data
Onishi T., Tsugawa T., Otsuka Y., Berthelier J.-J., Lebreton J.-P.
Geophysical Research Letters 36 (2009) L11808 - hal-00392219 -

Correction to 'Radiation belt electron precipitation by man-made VLF transmissions'
Gamble R., Rodger C.J., Clilverd M.A., Sauvaud J.-A., Thomson N.R., Stewart S.L., Mccormick R.J., Parrot M., Berthelier J.-J.
Journal of Geophysical Research A: Space Physics 114 (2009) A05205 - hal-00383346 -

What can we learn from HF signal scattered from a discrete arc?
Seran E., Godefroy M., Kauristie K., Cerisier J.-C., Berthelier J.-J., Lester M., Sarri L.-E.
Annales Geophysicae 27, 5 (2009) 1887-1896 - hal-00381198 -

Comment on "Evidence of electrical activity on Titan drawn from the Schumann resonances sent by Huygens probe" by J.A. Morente, J.A. Portí, A. Salinas, E.A. Navarro (2008, Icarus, 195, 802-811)
Hamelin M., Grard R., López-Moreno J.J., Schwingenschuh K., Béghin C., Berthelier J.-J., Simões F.
Icarus 204, 1 (2009) 349-351 - hal-00375028 -

The mass spectrum analyzer (MSA) onboard BEPI COLOMBO MMO: Scientific objectives and prototype results
Delcourt D., Saito Y., Illiano J.-M., Krupp N., Berthelier J.-J., Fontaine D., Fraenz M., Leblanc F., Fischer H., Yokota S. et al
Advances in Space Research 43, 5 (2009) 869-874 - hal-00362130 -

Communications avec actes


Spacecraft outgassing, a largely underestimated phenomenon
Hassig M., Altwegg K., Balsiger H., Calmonte U., Jacke A., Schlappi B., Semon T., Wurz P., Berthelier J.-J., De Keyser J. et al
Dans 2nd International Conference on Space Technology (ICST), Athens : Grèce (2011) - hal-00653083 -

Monitoring D-region variability from lightning measurements
Simoes F., Berthelier J.-J., Pfaff R., Bilitza D., Klenzing J.
Dans The XXXth URSI General Assembly and Scientific Symposium, Istanbul : Turquie (2011) - hal-00653076 -

Satellite and ground-based observations of a large-scale electron precipitation event
Gamble R. J., Rodger C. J., Clilverd M. A., Thomson N. R., Ulich T., Parrot M., Sauvaud J.-A., Berthelier J.-J.
Dans The XXXth URSI General Assembly and Scientific Symposium, Istanbul : Turquie (2011) - hal-00652986 -


ILMA Ion Laser Mass Analyser In-Situ Characterization of a Near Earth Object (NEO) for the MARCO POLO mission
Cottin H., Briois C., Engrand C., Grand N., Thirkell L., Thissen R., Puget P., Berthelier J.-J., Carrasco N., Kallenbach R. et al
Dans 9th European Workshop on Astrobiology, Bruxelles : Belgique (2009) - in2p3-00575071 -

Détection et reconnaissance automatiques des ondes plasma à partir des mesures de DEMETER : résultats initiaux d'une étude statistique de la turbulence électrostatique et des phénomènes associés
Onishi T., Berthelier J.-J.
Dans URSI Journées Scientifiques JS'10 "Propagation et Plasmas", Paris : France (2010) - hal-00545655 -

Observations de Perturbations Ionosphériques Itinérantes à Moyenne Echelle au moyen des mesures de Contenu Electronique Total par un réseau dense de récepteurs GPS et des mesures plasma de DEMETER
Onishi T., Tsugawa T., Otsuka Y., Berthelier J.-J.
Dans URSI Journées Scientifiques JS'10 "Propagation et Plasmas", Paris : France (2010) - hal-00545651 -

Observations par le Satellite DEMETER des Perturbations Induites par L'éclipse du 29 Mars 2006 dans L'ionosphère Supérieure
Wang X., Berthelier J.-J., Lebreton J.-P.
Dans URSI Journées Scientifiques JS'10 "Propagation et Plasmas", Paris : France (2010) - hal-00545484 -


Modélisation des antennes électriques et magnétiques du GPR EISS pour la mission Exomars
Biancheri-Astier M., Ciarletti V., Reineix A., Corbel C., Dolon F., Simon Y., Caudoux C., Lapauw L., Berthelier J.-J., Ney R.
Dans Journées scientifiques 2009 d'URSI-France: Propagation et Télédétection, Paris : France (2009) - hal-00545766 -



Overview of the TRO-pico campaign aiming at studying of the impact of convective overshooting on the stratospheric water budget. (poster)
Rivière E., Pommereau J.-P., Amarouche N., Ghysels M., Stoeffler C., Khaykin S., Berthelier J.-J., Renard J.-B., Wienhold F., Cairo F. et al
EGU General Assembly 2013, Vienna : Autriche (2013) - hal-00817104 - (Communications sans actes)


A High Resolution Orbitrap Mass Spectrometer for In-Situ Analysis in Planetary Science
Briois C., Thirkell L., Boukrara A., Lebreton J.P., Thissen R., Puget P., Cottin H., Grand N., Pennanech C., Zapf P. et al
EGU General Assembly 2012, Vienne : Autriche (2012) - in2p3-00780095 - (Communications sans actes)

Schumann resonance: a tool to study planetary atmospheric electricity and the origin and evolution of the solar system
Hamelin M., Simoes F. A., Pfaff R. F., Béghin C., Berthelier J.-J., Chamberlin P. C., Farrell W. M., Freudenreich H., Grard R., Klenzing J. et al
AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco : United States (2012) - hal-00768954 - (Communications sans actes)

Investigation of impact of tropical thunderstorms on the lower stratosphere using lightweight sensors on small and long duration balloons
Pommereau J.-P., Rivière E., Held G., Berthelier J.-J., Vicomte M., Khaykin S., Durry G., Renard J.-B., Wienold F.
39th COSPAR Scientific Assembly 2012, Mysore : Inde (2012) - hal-00734941 - (Conférences invitées)

D/H Ratio of Water on Earth Measured with DFMS
Hässig M., Altwegg K., Berthelier J.-J., Calmonte U., De Keyser J., Fuselier S.A.
Asteroids, Comets, Meteors (ACM) 2012, Niigata : Japon (2012) - hal-00723848 - (Communications sans actes)

L'exosphère de Mercure : 6 ans d'observations par le télescope solaire THEMIS
Leblanc F., Doressoundiram A., Mangano V., Cremonese G., Barbieri C., Borin P., Berthelier J.-J., Lopez-Ariste A., Gelly B.
PNST 2012 (Programme National Soleil Terre), La Londe-Les-Maures : France (2012) - hal-00711342 - (Communications sans actes)

Développement numérique d'un spectromètre de masse ionique: PICAM (Planetary Ion CAMera). (poster)
Becker J., Berthelier J.-J., Leblanc F.
PNST 2012 (Programme National Soleil Terre), La Londe-Les-Maures : France (2012) - hal-00711327 - (Communications sans actes)

Effets ionosphériques de l'activité sismique et des perturbations de la haute atmosphère: observations, modélisations physiques et études statistiques
Berthelier J.-J., Onishi T., Lognonné P., Parrot M.
Premier colloque de restitution du TOSCA (Terre, Océan, Surfaces continentales, Atmosphère), Paris : France (2012) - hal-00712203 - (Communications sans actes)

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