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1997 Chemical analysis of Titan atmosphere aerosols
CONSERT Rosetta 2004 Radio sounding and tomography of the nucleus of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko 
GAP                      Phobos Grunt Oct. 2011 Characterisation of the molecular soil composition of Phobos (moon of Mars)
GOMOS                      Envisat 2002 Atmospheric constituants measurement by spectral analysis: O3, NO2, H20, NO3
IASI Metop

2006 & 2012

Atmosphere temperature and humidity profiles measurement.
IIR Calipso 2006 Size measurement of ice particules in the multi-layers clouds
IME-BF Taranis 2016 Electrical field measurement (LF antenna)
MADRAS Megha-Tropiques 2011 Precipitations and clouds properties study, including ice at the top of clouds, in tropical atmosphere
MicroARES ExoMars ? 2016 Electrical properties measurement of the Martian environment
MOMA-GC                ExoMars 2018 Organic and inorganic material analyse on and below the surface of Mars
PALOMA 2016 Analyze of the Mars atmosphere composition (rare gas, H, C, N, O)
PHEBUS Bepi-Colombo Jul. 2016 UV spectral cartography of Mercury's exosphere
PICAM Bepi-Colombo Jul. 2016 Composition and distribution of Mercury's exo-ionosphere
PICARD  SODISM Picard 15 June 2010 Solar diameter and shape measurements with and accuracy of few milli arcsecond and helioseismologic observations
SAM M.S.L. November 2011 Wide range of organic and inorganic compounds detection in Mars soil or atmosphere
SIFTI   2012-2015 Pollution monitoring by IR soundings
Nov. 2009 Provide Soil Moisture (SM) and Ocean Salinity (OS) maps
SPICAM Mars Express 2003 Analyze of the Mars atmosphere composition
SPICAV Venus Express 2005 Analyze of the Venus atmosphere composition
SOLSPEC ISS/Columbus Feb. 2008 Absolute solar spectral irradiance measurement and its variation
SWAN Soho 1995

Determination of the large scale solar wind in the heliosphere

SWIM Cfosat 2018

Radar measurements of waves and wind at ocean level

- Trmm 1997 Tropical precipitations measurement
WISDOM ExoMars 2018 Water ice and subsurface deposit observation on Mars