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Jean-Yves Bonnet
Membre du département mecatop

Bureau: Guy-B2413
Tél : 0180285143

Publications au LATMOS depuis sa création (2009)

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Articles dans des revues avec comité de lecture


In situ analysis of martian regolith with the SAM experiment during the first mars year of the MSL mission: Identification of organic molecules by gas chromatography from laboratory measurements
Millan M., Szopa C., Buch A., Coll P., Glavin D. P., Freissinet C., Navarro-González R., François P., Coscia D., Bonnet J.-Y., Teinturier S. et al.
Planetary and Space Science, Elsevier, 2016, 129, pp.88-102. <10.1016/j.pss.2016.06.007> - insu-01333652


Formation of analogs of cometary nitrogen-rich refractory organics from thermal degradation of tholin and hcn polymer
Bonnet J.-Y., Quirico E., Buch A., Thissen R., Szopa C., Carrasco N., Cernogora G., Fray N., Cottin H., Le Roy L., Montagnac G. et al.
Icarus, Elsevier, 2015, 250, pp.53-63. <10.1016/j.icarus.2014.11.006> - hal-01088866


Very high resolution mass spectrometry of HCN polymers and tholins
Vuitton V., Bonnet J.-Y., Frisari M., Thissen R., Quirico E., Dutuit O., Schmitt B., Le Roy L., Fray N., Cottin H., Sciamma-O'Brien E. et al.
Faraday Discussions, Royal Society of Chemistry, 2010, 147, pp.495-508. <10.1039/C003758C> - hal-00510369


Chemical characterization of Titan's tholins: solubility, morphology and molecular structure revisited
Carrasco N., Schmitz-Afonso I., Bonnet J.-Y., Quirico E., Thissen R., Dutuit O., Bagag A., Laprévote O., Buch A., Giulani A., Adandé G. et al.
Journal of Physical Chemistry A, American Chemical Society, 2009, 113 (42), pp.11195-11203. <10.1021/jp904735q> - hal-00429179

Communications avec actes


Constraining the source of chlorinated hydrocarbonsdetected on Mars with the SAM experiment onboardCuriosity
Belmahdi I., Buch A., Szopa C., Freissinet C., Glavin D., Francois P., Coll P. J., Eigenbrode J., Navarro-Gonzalez A. R., Deqode J., Navarro-Gnstraining tColltraining tC A., Giulani A.,5perimenetCoensx.php3h3>oensx&etrs targSocietSep targetNaeans., Eigee. targt="EPSCtarg-352a">insu-013336522015<208044ons avec a of martiafluh3>oetificatsali>< of! - ture eriicated />CtificatgradatiatmosundeacuSAM expom rdCuriositylith withcon> .-Y., Quirico E.,pa C., Freissinet C., Eigenbrode J Glavin D.onzalez A. R., reissinetaining tColltraining tr />PlanetarE., Thissen R., Mahaffyavar A., Giulani A.,5perimenetCoensx.php3h3>oensx&etrs targSocietSep targetNaeans., Eigee. targt="EPSCtarg-360a">insu-01333652 evy of HCNitro laboratory measurmat alt="datimentY., Quirico E., Buch A., Thi Glavin D.raining tr TeinturierCabCoeg tr ,pa C., Freissinet C.,aining tColltreissinet/>PlanetarE.Mahaffyavar A., Giulani A.,5perimenetCoensx.php3h3>oensx&etrs targSocietSep targetNaeans., Eigee. targt="EPSCtarg-202a">insu-01333652

Ver4training the source New Agen-rich rCfractoryNorganicsRfromRthermal de classc />VuiCph%CuirHCNonboaUlhloCith tr, persM hreMuSAo Icarus, Elsevier, 2077boa l MeetnatetificatiuSAo hal-00429179

)avec a of martDuSArss="olymere Posname=nt" /> pp.4tected on Hars with th DuSAM expByuriosar of tion Mf orgaY., Quirico E.,dé,pa C., Freis Glavin D., Francois P., Coll P. J., Eigenbrode J., NavaD.rainnetK.D.onzalez A. R., SSArn R., Deqode J., NavarrRtC A., Giulani A.AGU Fall MeetnateCon4trcietD015tar4 GSmen Eigecieo, Unco N SSa-004gt="">hal-00429179

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